If you treat neuropathy or joint pain then this light is a must for your patients.

Dramatically improve your results and your patient satisfaction with this 
revolutionary light therapy.

$299 LED Light Therapy Unit
(Over $200 Off First Order Special, Normally $573.90)

Dear Doctor, 

My name is Dr. Phil Straw and I would like to share what I have used to help over 6000 patients find lasting pain relief from neuropathy and joint pain. 

My Bedrock FDA cleared LED light device is the Best on the Market and at the Lowest price. 

I guarantee you will feel the same. 

In fact, I’m so convinced that after you try my LED Treatment Light you will agree it’s the BEST Light system on the market and you will continue to buy more, that I'm willing to offer over $200 off your first order.

*$299 per unit for first orders only, regular price is $573.90.*

**Plus a Bonus Gift ($1,525 value)- Most docs waste their net profits by sending  patients home with $1200 worth of treatment equipment. 

I will ALSO send you my members only training “7 Secrets to Deliver the BEST Home Neuropathy Treatment for Under $500 per Patient”

✔️Total Retails for over $2,000
✔️Ultra Flex technology make for a super comfortable wrap
✔️Flexibility to use on feet, knees, back, neck and shoulders
✔️New surface mount LED’s deliver 680 and 880 wave length for increased blood
flow and angiogenesis
✔️Twice the optical output of the old round LED’s used in other devices
✔️FDA Cleared and made in FDA Certified factory
✔️1 year warranty, if it breaks I will replace !
✔️Patients love the packaging

This limited time opportunity is the perfect way to start generating new revenue for your clinic, with an extremely low up-front cost. 

Order yours today, and I guarantee that your patients will love it!

It answers:
Why is a flat light better than a round one?
Which of the two lights are working harder?
Why are some lights not visible?
What’s the optimal wavelength for treatment?
How did we come up with this design?
Who can and cannot buy them? 

What Doctors Have To Say About Our Light...

"Quite a bit of improvement, pain relief, and increasing blood supply to the limbs..."  
-Dr. Knecht
"You HAVE to use these lights to get the results to get the kind of results you want with patients..."
 -Dr. Smith
"We use the lights. They're fantastic. They don't break. Bottom line, people get better when they use them"
 -Dr. Smith
"I can say from all the things we've tried, this has performed the best..."  
-Dr. Schotzko

What Patients Have To Say About Our Light...


 I suffer from PN..Fibromyalgia..Ataxia..I have severe balance issues..too many to list..over 11 yrs now..I also have chronic knee problems..I've seen so many drs to count..no help..I've used meds..topicals..minimal help..I purchased LightSource through a dr..was expensive so I made payments..it was the only thing that rejuvenated my nerves..I use on feet and knees..I almost purchased 2 at the time..wish I had..when I travel it comes with me in the convenient tube..it's great..and it's the only thing that helps..dr advised to use twice a day..you make a great product..I'm in a few support groups and we're always trying to help one another ..thank you again for your help..I love it..now I have hope again..
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*Due to the medical nature of this product, this item is non-refundable

Due to worldwide supply chain issues we are experiencing delays in shipping times. You can expect a 4-6 week wait time for delivery of purchased goods. We are working to get our products out as soon as possible. When your order ships you will receive a tracking number. Thank you for your patience. 

Thank you. 

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